The following projects will support frontline VCS groups across the five West London boroughs:

  • West London Social Enterprise Hub: developing a shared base for social enterprises and providing training for VCS groups wishing to start social enterprises (led by Action Acton and The Doughnut Factory)
  • West London VCS Skills Programme: training VCS reps in leadership skills and supporting VCS staff to gain new accredited professional qualifications (led by Ealing CVS)
  • West London Equalities Peer to Peer: improving the ‘quality of equalities work’ in the VCS and offering capacity building help to grassroots groups (led by Harrow Equalities Centre)
  • West London VCS Business Services Hub: offering a range of back office services e.g. IT problem-solving, IT cloud services, and personnel advice to VCS groups at competitive rates (led by Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services)
  • West London Companies & Communities: supporting increased business sponsorship and free professional time for community projects (led by Hillingdon Association of Voluntary Services)
  • West London ‘VCS Brain’: online forum for VCS groups to share ideas and swap good practice policies (led by Hounslow Volunteer Centre)
  • West London VCS Stats Bank: free online stats to help VCS groups with new funding bids (led by West London Network)
  • West London Shared Services: putting VCS groups in touch with other groups interested in mergers or sharing back office services, admin, finance or other posts via a new online ‘matching service’ (led by West London Network)


Other Borough Projects

Our C4C programme will also support specific new projects in particular boroughs, including a ‘Virtual CVS’ in Brent, a new Harrow Community Hub, a new Hounslow VCS Resource Centre, and ‘Ealing Involved’ online portal.