Small Groups Development

What can the Small Groups Development project do for your community group?

We aim to ensure that small groups can access sources of advice, support and funding. We enable new and existing groups to adopt efficient and effective ways of working. We can also help your organisation to understand and implement good practice in all aspects of your work.

The advice and support that we give can cover areas such as:

  • Hands-on help with setting up your group
  • Applying for charity registration
  • Help with forming a constitution
  • Roles and responsibilities of a management committee
  • Monitoring and evaluating your work
  • Funding information and support with completing funding applications.

Development Toolkit for Small Voluntary Organisations

This resource has been developed for community groups to help improve skills and knowledge. There are guidelines on a range of topics, including setting up and running a community group, legal requirements and good practice, planning and fundraising for a particular project.

Who is this service designed to support?

We support registered charities, voluntary organisations, community and small groups with no more than two full-time paid staff. This can include youth, arts, sports, self-help, tenants and service user groups, as well as individuals who are trying to find a relevant group or are working to set up a new local voluntary or community group.

We offer advice and information, training and workshops, templates and models, leaflets and links, updates and contacts. We want to ensure that all our users receive the best possible service from us. We have therefore deliberately kept links and download to a bare minimum and not listed all of our fact sheets, templates, Toolkit and documents on our website.